Haleiwa, Oahu, Hawaii




One of the toughest questions to answer (which I happen to get asked the most) is “what is the favorite place you’ve been to so far?” The truth is, the broadness of this question makes it incredibly difficult to narrow down to just a single specific destination. I usually respond with a variety of different locations based on several characteristics; i.e. their unique traits that captivated me during my brief stays. But in the end, I always conclude with one certain place – Hawaii. There’s just something amazing about this place…I suppose that’s why I’ve been here three times in the past year. I think the coolest thing about Hawaii is that each island is known for its own, distinct reason. For instance, the volcanoes of Hilo (the “big island”), the nightlife of Oahu, the coastline cliffs of Kauai, and the magnificent beaches of Maui. There’s always something new to see in Hawaii, whether it be a hike, beach or even a luau show. The culture is amazing and the food can’t even be put into words. I’d be surprised if this was my final trip here, because I always seem to find myself coming back.

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