Santa Cruz Michapa, San Salvador, El Salvador



If there’s one thing I’ve noticed throughout this journey, it’s that it’s incredibly important to always be learning. Because lord knows I’m not a perfect coach. I’m not a perfect freestyler, I’m not a perfect teacher, and I’m far from a perfect person. But as is such with most things in life, I’m learning as I go.

I try my best to get better at what I do everyday because it’s not about me, it’s about these children – and it always has been. These kids have grown up around so much violence and struggle, yet they still find it in their hearts to make me feel like a superstar.

I wouldn’t preach something if I didn’t believe it… it’s so important to work tirelessly to be the greatest you can be. If you’re a player, work towards that goal of becoming a professional or representing your country in a World Cup. If you’re a coach, do anything you can to help your players reach their goals, on and off the field – whether it be professional or scholastic opportunities. Do anything you can to be great.

And that’s why I’ll keep learning, and I’ll keep working at it everyday. And honestly I hope all these kids and even my friends reading this do the same. Because you owe it to yourself to try and be the best you can be at something.

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